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Learning to do Indian Shisha embroidery

Originally I’d planned this blog as a series of how-to demonstrations, but I have come to realize that would put far more stock into my crafting ability than would actually be warranted. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things that I do quite well and when I can I will post some how-to tutorials. But a lot of the time my crafts are things that I am just trying out myself, because, well, I like to try new things.

Like, for example, Indian Shisha embroidery. I’ve been drawn to Indian aesthetics most of my life and I’ve owned lots of clothes and purses and whatnot that have the mirror embroidery. A few months ago I stumbled upon a great tutorial on Joyful Abode and figured I should try it myself. I know I want to do some shisha work on my wedding dress, but I need to practice some before that.

So here is my second attempt (the mirrors fell out of my first attempt):

I need to work on centering the stitches that hold the mirror in place as well as the evenness of the decorative stitches surrounding it.

If you are curious, I am practicing on this dress, which might also be involved in my wedding festivities:
The embroidery will be on the waistband.


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