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Hand made save the date cards

So you stumbled upon a tutorial all about how to recycle your own paper, and now you are wondering what to do with all that awesome home-made paper you have lying around your house. Or maybe you are just wondering what I plan to do with all the paper I made in the process of making the tutorial for all of you.

Wonder no longer!

Because we are currently spending all our free time on wedding-related stuff, we used our recycled paper to make our Save the Date announcement cards. To be fair, we actually recycled the paper with the intent of making wedding-type stationary products, but I have some other projects in mind.

Here is the finished Save the Date:

Front view:

Back view:

How did we turn our lovely paper into these fine specimens of crafty goodness, you might ask?

First we cut the paper down to the right side, and then we punched the floral trim on one side using a Martha Stewart border punch.

Then we drew the design of the tree and the elephant and the flowers onto linoleum blocks, which we then carved into stamps:

If you decide to do this, make sure you remember that stamps print in reverse. This is especially true for writing. We forgot this, and thus had to cover over the “HC+CB” on the tree so that it didn’t stamp.

Then we simply coated the stamps in paint, stamped the paper, augmented the design with some store bought stamps and hand-wrote the information to save ourselves the hassle of trying to carve backwards writing into linoleum blocks.


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