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I work in chaos

I was inspired by WhoseMomBlogs to show a picture of my crafting space. I do my crafting up in a loft in my living room in order to keep my stuff away from my cats. (we’ve seen what happens when I don’t) This is the ladder up to my loft:

As you can see, two of the rungs are blocked off with sheets of plastic duct-taped to the ladder. This is because my genius kitten Woozles learned to climb the ladder!

Once you get up the ladder (carefully hoisting yourself over the blocked-off rungs) you enter a realm off chaos:

You can see the fabric laid out for one of my berets, plus the sewing machine and the camping chair I sit in to sew. It’s too hard to get real furniture up there! Also in the background is the tub we use for paper making, piles of saris, and bits of plaster molding.


One thought on “I work in chaos

  1. not bad, really! It's tough to work in a space where you can't get real furniture in. The colors here – you must be very inspired by those fabrics!

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