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Etsy Review: LingaLonga

One of my first purchases on Etsy, after opening Elephunk’s Trunk, was this beautiful pair of earrings from LingaLonga. Made from green and gold glass beads with mother of pearl sea-shells, these elegant earrings caught my eye immediately.

I ordered these earrings from LingaLonga in a “five-minute FS game” chat room. “FS” stands for “featured seller” and the rules of the game are as follows:

1. One person in the chat room gets to be the featured seller for five minutes. During that five minutes, the seller promotes his or her products and mentions any sales or special deals for people in the chat room.

2. The other people in the room help the FS promote. This is done by showing the FS’s products in the image space to the right of the chatbox and generally encouraging each other to buy.

3. The first person to buy from the FS becomes the next FS. You are not supposed to announce the fact that you bought in order to encourage more people to buy from the FS. At the end of the five minutes the FS checks for sales and announces the next FS.

4. If no one makes any purchases, the FS chooses someone either at random or through trivia. Begging to be FS is considered rude and unacceptable.

Some people dislike FS rooms because they feel there are too many rules, or find the atmosphere rude and competitive. Personally, I have always found them to be quite fun and friendly places, even though I have never made a sale while Featured Seller. The rules provide structure and an opportunity to really highlight the work of one specific person. I have found people to be very supportive and generous, even when no purchases are made.

I have also made quite a few purchases while in FS chat rooms (as well as outside of them). These lovely earrings were the first. I am very pleased with the quality of the earrings, and they came well-packaged with a hand-written note from LingaLonga. She shipped the items promptly and I would recommend her to any fan of elegant jewelery. If you look closely, you can see that I am wearing them in my profile picture!


One thought on “Etsy Review: LingaLonga

  1. At first I found FS rooms too rushed and crazy – recently I tried them again and now I like them more. Your blog explained the FS room nicely.

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