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March business goals recap

I am proud to say that I met–and exceeded– almost all of my business goals for March. My goals were:
1. Get 5 sales
2. Get 50 shop hearts
3. Get 5 items in each category

I ended up with 102 shop hearts and 7 sales! I was also featured in 3 treasuries. I did not get 5 items in each category because I love making hats so much I haven’t been able to force myself to make other things!

Here is a recap:

The first item I sold was a custom order hat to Ranzangel. This hat is one of the items I made from my Eid sari. The order was actually a trade, and I received this adorable little polymer clay elephant in return.

The elephant from Ranzangel

the hat I made for her.

My second two sales went to my best friend from college. Her name is Lauren and she writes a fabulous zine called Galatea’s Pants. She bought these two hats:

My third sale went to Jdsgemsnd who sells lovely jewelry both on etsy and on her own website. Jds bought a coin purse from me, and I was very happy to see it go since the embroidery on it gave me a lot of trouble. This is the coin purse:

My fourth sale was actually in a Five-minute Featured Seller chat room on etsy. I’ve bought a lot of things from those chat rooms, and been a featured seller several times, but this was the first time I actually sold anything in the chat room. I sold a ribbon choker/headband to Kittytrisha, who has a shop full of jewelry, paintings, and vintage finds. This is the choker she bought:

My fifth sale went to my cousin Jennifer. She bought this hat the day I listed it!
My last sale for the month of March went to trimgoddess, who sells gorgeous ribbons and other trims. I consider this my first random sale–I am not really sure how she found my shop. She bought the first hat I ever listed:


2 thoughts on “March business goals recap

  1. I love my hats! They are so pretty! I need to go buy clothes that match them now. 🙂 And you look really hot in that picture of you holding the elephant. It should be a profile pic somewheres. ❤

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