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Etsy Review: jdsgemsnd

If you wander into the “Sales of 25 items or less?” promotion thread started by Eclecticasia, (and if you have less than 25 sales, I highly recommend it), you will likely meet the etsy seller jdsgemsnd. Jdsgemsnd is really Sharon and Dennis, a husband and wife team who have been making and selling jewelry for about a year. Sharon is the online presence of jdsgemsnd, and she is a wonderfully supportive and helpful crafter. In addition to listing items and handling all the promotion for the jdsgemsnd etsy store, and the jdsgemsnd website, Sharon spends a lot of time everyday in the “Sales of 25 items or less” thread promoting other people’s stores and helping us all achieve greater visibility. Sharon and Dennis travel around selling their gorgeous gemstone jewelry at craft shows, in addition to their online sales.

I recently bought a watch from jdsgemsnd, and because of their Mother’s Day sale (still going through the May 10) I got a lovely pair of earrings free! The watch is large faced with a double-strand tigerseye band. It includes both red and brown tigerseye stones, and I fell in love with it immeadiately. I’ve loved tiger’s eye ever since I was a little girl. My aunt gave me a gold cross with a small tiger’s eye in the center that I wore everyday until I realised it was a religious symbol for a faith I didn’t belong to. I bought the watch because of that sentimental association (well, a bought a watch because I wanted to know what time it was when I was waiting for the bus. I bought this watch because of the tiger’s eye!). I have ridiculously tiny wrists, and Sharon gladly adjusted the watch to fit. Plus, she and Dennis picked out a fabulous pair of earrings to match! I would highly recommend this seller for anyone interested in gorgeous, affordable gemstone jewelry!

Here is a selection of jdsgemsnd’s items I chose for a spotlight on byhand.me:


4 thoughts on “Etsy Review: jdsgemsnd

  1. ET–thanks so much!! I'm truly touched and flattered!! It really makes my day to know something that we have created makes people happy!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow! Love the green sari fabric you've used in your beret!

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