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Ethical consumerism and Earth Day Sale!

Buying and selling handmade is a wonderful habit to get into. For one thing, you can find a lot of interesting things that you would never find in a big department store. But also (and more importantly) buying handmade is one way to practice ethical consumerism.

Why is buying handmade more ethical?

1. No sweatshops. Handmade items by there very nature cannot be mass produced by throngs of underpaid, illtreated workers in dangerous conditions. They might be made in a studio, they might be made in some one’s living room, but they are all made by individuals who have control over the products of their own labor and working conditions.

2. No factories means no factory pollution. This is of course not entirely true, since almost all hand made goods are made from factory-produced supplies, but taking the factory out of one step makes at least a small difference.

3. Many handmade items are in fact made from recycled materials. These items are fantastic because they take the factory out of the process all together, and reduce the amount of waste we produce by turning ‘garbage’ into treasure.

So in honor of Earth Day (April 22), Elephunk’s Trunk is having a sale! For the month of April, all items made from recycled materials are 20% off!


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