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Happy Earth Day! Etsy Review: Everimprovingme

April 22 is recognized as Earth Day here in the United States, and so for my etsy review I wanted to highlight a seller who is doing her part to help the environment. I bought this reusable sandwich bag from Everimprovingme, because I was actually limiting what I brought to work with me for lunch in an effort to reduce waste. It’s carrying an apple in the picture, but normally I fill it with slices of cheese. Johanna, the genius behind Everimprovingme, custom makes these bags for her customers out of the fabric of their choice. I love the teal color if this bag. The inside is lined with a waterproof pul fabric so that the bag can be easily washed. She also makes them with muslin linings if you do not want the pul. Everything about this purchase was perfect–the communication for a custom order, the price, the shipping, and of course the bag itself.

I asked Johanna to tell me a little more about how she started making these bags and how she saw the handmade movement fitting into an eco-conscious lifestyle. Somewhat unexpectedly, the story of these bags begins with a tragedy: the death of Johanna’s father last year. Johanna says:

“I really thought I’d lose my mind. For awhile I did. Tom (my husband) encouraged me to start crafting again. I really wanted to make things that had a purpose. To bring life to something though I know that sounds a bit out there.”

I don’t think that sounds out there at all! I think that the impulse to creation is a natural, and very healthy, response to loss and mortality.

On the handmade movement:

“I think the handmade movement will not be ending anytime soon. I think people are looking for a balance and buying handmade and reusable items makes people feel like they are heading closer to achieving that balance.”

So how do Johanna’s bags fit into Earth Day?

“I hope to stop the trash from piling up so much, maybe start taking the piles down. I know its not just me, but I believe if we all do something it will happen. Really I think that is all it takes everyone just doing something. We have to stop waiting for the other person to take care of it. There are no other people you know only us. If we do not step up who else will, and if we step up others will too.”

Johanna’s efforts to “take the piles down” are not limited to her reusable bags. Her story also carries reusable bamboo face scrubbies. Being clean does not have to be wasteful! She also has plans to start making cloth diapers, women’s products, and market bags.

Every year, the USA generates 230 million tons of trash! How much of that is discarded sandwich bags? Thanks to Johanna of Everimprovingme for giving us a way to reduce our trash.

If you want to stay up to date on the happenings at Everimprovingme, check out Johanna’s twitter and her blog.


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