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A great eco-friendly creative challenge!

In keeping with my April Earth Day theme of creating things with recycled materials, I want to share with you all a great creative contest I found. Becki of Oh The Craftiness of Me is challenging her readers to create something to reduce, reuse, and recycle for her weekly Saturday Challenge. From her blog:

“Create something made from something you would be throwing away. It could be anything, candy wrappers, newspapers, cellophane, or milk jugs. Create something new out of your trash!! You will have two weeks to complete your submissions.”

To enter, and see the fabulous prize, be sure to check out Oh the Craftiness of Me!

And you should know that Becki is an expert on creating wonderful things from what the rest of us call garbage. Over at her etsy shop, Delightful Deceits, Becki has cards and other things made from recycled paper. Recently she has started making these amazing recycled paper roses:

So go ahead! See if you can impress her with your recycling creativity! I will also be entering the contest, and will track the progress of my efforts here on my blog.


3 thoughts on “A great eco-friendly creative challenge!

  1. thanks for posting about this….I might have to submit something I do just for giggles. you may have to remind me though.

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