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Inman Park Festival

The last weekend of April my neighborhood hosts a festival and tour of homes. I live in a historic area of Atlanta, so there are lots of big old beautiful houses from the 1800s. I didn’t actually participate in the tour of homes because the tickets were expansive. But the big old homes make a great background for the rest of the festival, which consists of funnel cakes (breakfast of champions), art stalls, and music.

I picked up some lovely treasures at the festival and I am excited to turn them into my own art. Saturday morning we stopped by a booth run by an elderly woman sitting holding an umbrella for shade. She had several tables full of vintage buttons, old purses, cookbooks, and all sorts of little vintage finds. I got this lace tablecloth from her $2.00:

I think it was a steal, but I guess that’s what happens when a seller thinks “old tablecloth” and I think “2 yards of vintage lace.” I can’t wait to get it cleaned up so I can turn it into something (knowing me, probably a hat).

I also got this lovely sterling silver brooch from her for $4.00:

It needs to be polished, but I think it would look lovely on cocktail hat with a spray of feathers behind it, don’t you?

Sunday we went back to the festival and realized we’d missed an entire street the day before. I found a booth that would have made a jewelry maker dance for joy–it was full of beautiful rocks and pendants. The seller also had a ton of nice sea shells for a buck a piece so I picked up a starfish:

And I’m not sure what this is, but I thought it was cool:

And I got a sand-dollar:

Once again I am envisioning these decorating hats, with feathers sprouting from them.

Of course, we wanted to make sure that we supported local artists too, so we picked up this really cool metal bird bath for our garden:

The festival was a lot of fun, even though I did get a little bit sunburned!


4 thoughts on “Inman Park Festival

  1. That does sound like a wonderful time! Something that I would be into 😀
    And you got some great stuff! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. I know how it is…one person's trash is another's treasure! anyway…question for you, how do you make the gadget on the left that has pictures of your items?

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