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The couple that crafts together…

As many of you know, my wedding is coming up in July! I will spare you the mushy details of how we met and how much we love each other (this isn’t a kissing blog). But I will say that I first knew that I was in love the first Halloween we spent together when he agreed to make plaster hats with me. A creative urge is a wonderful thing to share with your life partner!

In keeping with this creative spirit, we are having a DIY wedding. I’m making my own wedding dress, he’s making his tux, we made our own “save the date” cards with hand-carved linoleum block stamps on hand-recycled paper. Now we are working on making our invitations. We wanted to keep the same general aesthetic as the save-the-dates, but we also wanted to try something new. So this time, the handmade paper is round, and we are airbrushing the designs.

If you want to make round paper, I recommend using embroidery hoops for your paper frame:
Here you can see our paper drying on a piece of canvas.

Before airbrushing, we cut stencils of our designs onto plastic stencil sheets we got at Micheals. You can either use a craft knife, or a special heat tool for cutting stencils that actually melts the plastic. We used the heat tool.

Here is the fiance airbrushing our tree design onto the round paper. This is what it looked like when he was done:
Next, I airbrushed a blue peacock next to the tree:
We will be adding a green peacock on the other side of the tree and decorating their tails with real peacock feathers. Because handmade paper doesn’t feed through a printer very well (especially when it is round), we will be printing the actual invitation information on commercial vellum paper.

Hopefully we will get a batch of these done by the end of the month so we can get them in the mail!


7 thoughts on “The couple that crafts together…

  1. Oh- fabulous! I love it! Birds and trees are my faves! I'm married to another artist too – we met in art college – and as a result he's my biggest supporter in all my crafty ways! It's so important :^) and such a blessing. Congratulations again!

  2. How cool is that! My hubby and I just got married at the courthouse- very cheap since we were broke at the time. But if we had a wedding, I would have wanted a DIY wedding too. We are co-crafters and it's the best! We can spend hours crafting together and know that it is a healthy outlet for our minds rather than being stuck playing video games all day or watching tv all day long. Way to go you guys! Keep up the craft love and the love for one another!

  3. You've discovered the secret to happy marriage…having similar interests and respect for each other. Lucky you! It took me two marriages to figure that out, but then you're a smart girl…lol.

  4. I'm going to be paying attention to what you do….if my fabulous bf ever gets around to proposing, it looks like you have some good ideas πŸ™‚

  5. Firstly, congratulations πŸ˜€
    That is so wonderful and I'm happy for both of you!!
    Second, I think a DIY wedding is a fabulous and creative idea!
    Definitly suits you πŸ˜€
    Would love to hear more about it in future blogs!

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