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What are you doing for the "Oh the Craftiness of Me" Friday Challenge?

First of all, what do you all think of my new template?

On Saturday I posted about a wonderful challenge happening over at Oh The Craftiness of Me to make something beautiful out of things you would otherwise throw away. I’ve decided that I am going to try to make a new display head for my hats, since many people have commented that my styrofoam heads are neither interesting and nor eco-friendly. Today I spent some time digging around my apartment for suitable “trash.”

Two days ago my landlord send a crew to investigate the wobbly stairs leading up to my front door. I came home from class to discover a brand-new stair case and this piled up along the fence:

The remains of my old stair case (complete with rusty nails) piled on top of my ferns. You can also just barely see a discarded saw-blade laying in the leaves. Since they also left a shovel and a level, I figured they’d be coming back to clean up. But so far the pile is still there, so I grabbed one of the nicer scraps of wood to serve as a base for my head.

I also found this:

No, I didn’t find this one in my yard! I found it on my counter, where my fiance left it after he drank the rest of the soda last night. I am thinking I will use this to form the neck of my new display head.

And finally there is this:

I actually have three grocery bags full of junk mail, old receipts, articles assigned in last semester’s classes, and various other paper detritus. I’d been saving it to make my own recycled paper, but now I have way too much of it and was planning to send some of it for commercial recycling. I’m going to turn it into paper mache instead!

The deadline for the challenge is May 9. What do you have planned?

And don’t forget to stop by Oh The Craftiness of Me and enter Becki’s giveaway for some of her cool recycled magazine flowers!


4 thoughts on “What are you doing for the "Oh the Craftiness of Me" Friday Challenge?

  1. Love the new layout and can't wait to see your new display head! I'm afraid I may have to take Friday easy but Saturday looks to be quite a crafty day for me. I'm trying to find good sources for eco-friendly, ethically sourced or recycled silver, etc. as well but can't seem to find much information.

  2. Well…most of my stuff is repurposed…so the question is if I go with one of my items or try to come up with something new

  3. Im so glad to hear some of you are participating in the challenge! Its very exciting! I wish you all the best of luck!

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