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Monthly goal review: April

Here we are at the beginning of a new month again. You know what that means! Time to go over the goals I set for myself for April and set new goals for May.

My goals for April were:

1. Reach 14 sales. 1-2 sales a week would be great for me. Too much more than that and I’ll have difficulty keeping the shop stocked!
2. 200 hearts!
3. 5 items in each section. Just because I love making hats, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t sometimes make other things. Other things are fun to make too!
4. Open up a the Elephunk’s Orphans section of my shop to benefit Daphne Scheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage!

Unfortunately, I did not meet any of these goals. I am up to 11 sales and 170 shop hearts. I still don’t have 5 items in every category, in part because I keep breaking my hats up into multiple categories. And I am still gathering enough elephant materials to open Elephunk’s Orphans.

But, considering that April is a crazy month for my other incarnation as a graduate student, I am pleased with how well my shop did. I wasn’t able to spend very much time crafting or promoting since I had to write three final papers and a conference paper this month.

This month I sold:

The hat sold to someone who must have found me through Etsy’s search function. I hadn’t met her before, and she doesn’t have an Etsy shop. The Autumn Colors coin purse was the first item I ever listed on Etsy! I sold it during a Featured Seller chat room to Maplestreetcreations. I sold the mushroom hair comb to ManicSpider and the metal clasp coin purse to jdsgemsnd, who is my first repeat customer! I know both of them from eclecticasia‘s Sales of 35 and Under thread.

Now that the semester is over, I hope to have more time to dedicate to my shop. With that in mind, here are my May goals:

1. Reach 25 sales. That’s 2 sales a week.
2. Get to 200 shop hearts.
3. Blog every other day.
4. Reach 50 items in my shop. I’ve given up on setting category goals. I know I’m just going to make what I’m inspired to make!


6 thoughts on “Monthly goal review: April

  1. Great new look! You're inspiring me to set goals…in the near future. I'm still enjoying the freedom of being newly unemployed and the master of my own destiny…lol.

  2. Setting goals- and writing them down- what a great idea! I've had a set of goal-ish things I'd like to accomplish floating around in my head, but your approach is so much more sensible. Think I'll even get to free up some mental space. Thanks!

  3. Wow! I really love the mushroom haircomb! You make such wonderful items. 🙂

    I love that you are setting goals! I should probably set some too for myself….I should try to get 50 items in my shop too! 😀 I guess we'll see :3

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