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Sneak Attack Part II–The Attackers

Today is Monday, and you know what that means! Another Sneak Attack organized by Micheal Phipps of www.handmademovement.com. This is the second half of my two part series on Sneak Attacks that began with Sneak Attack Part I: the vicitims. In this section, I will share some discussions I’ve had with key players in organizing sneak attacks.

Michael Phipps of Phippsart:

Michael opened his Etsy shop, “Phippsart,” in 2007 with the encouragement of his sister. He has a wide variety of silk screened shirts and fine art selections. He started the first Sneak Attacks on September 24, 2008 because he wanted to be able to share the exhilaration he experienced on getting his first sale with other people.

“I also figured that if it were a thrill to get one sale, how great would it be to suddenly have a whole swarm of business in just one day?” recalls Michael in his article on Sneak Attack in Etsy’s blog, the Storque.

Michael launched a website called the Handmade Movement to promote and keep track of the Sneak Attack. He defines the handmade movement as “the collective of people creating and making new things in overcrowded rooms in their houses or studios, as well as people who choose to purchase and enjoy those creations.” He founded the Sneak Attack to encourage such creative people.

Theresa of MichiganHemp:

Theresa opened MichiganHemp in February 2009. She’s been making Hemp Jewelry for over six years, but found her offline venue opportunities in “Michigan’s tip of the Mitt” rather limited. loved participating in Sneak Attacks so much that she started a Sneak Attack Team! She learned about sneak attack from the Etsy forums. “At first I was a little nervous,” she admits, “but after reading the posts of the people that were chatting, I found it impossible to hold back!” The people in the forums answered all of her questions, and she has only missed one sneak attack since that first day. I asked her why she participated with such enthusiasm in the Sneak Attacks, and like Michael, she linked it to her own experiences as a new shop on Etsy. She described as a “wonderful way to ‘Pay it Foward’…It feels so good knowing that we are helping new and undiscovered Etsy shops feel that sense of compassion and generosity that this group of “attackers” really portray. We genuinely care, and what a better way to welcome someone to the wonderful world of Etsy!”

Theresa decided to start the Sneak Attack team after searching unsuccessfully for a team to join. Since so many people participate regularly in the sneak attack forum, it seemed natural to Theresa that they should form a team. “After scouring the team profiles for weeks, I decided that the only team that would be the perfect ‘fit’ for me was the Sneak Attack team. I asked a few of the forum regulars if they would join a Sneak Attack team if there was one, and got a huge response. That same day, I put together all of the necessary information and sent if off to Etsy for approval!” Etsy is still processing the paperwork, but hopefully the team will be official soon.

Part of Theresa’s enthusiasm for Sneak Attacks comes from a larger love of all things handmade: “here is just something so special about knowing that the item was made with someone’s loving hands, and that there is a little piece of the creator’s heart and soul in the item. I think that everyone should be able to feel that special feeling, and by spreading the word about handmade, maybe someday they will.”

Still have doubts about Etsy? Let Theresa convince you: “I have only been a member of Etsy for a couple of months, but I can honestly say that some of the people I have gotten to know are better friends than what I have offline. This community of people is absolutely amazing! They are so helpful and genuine. If anyone is looking to join an online community, there is no better place than here!”

Joyce of HappyCloudMoments:
Joyce of HappyCloudMoments started making jewelry when she saw a bracelet she wanted and decided to try to make it for herself. Soon she was making jewelry for all her friends too, but My beads were stacking up and I know I need an outlet for my creations. I have only so many friends that I can “deck out” in crystals.” She didn’t want to sell on ebay–the fees are too high. “I remember Etsy, this awesome looking site I saw a year ago when I was looking at web application technology. So, I looked into selling here and it looked simple enough. I signed up and got sucked into this vortex of creating and marketing and getting to know other great artisans.”

Joyce was the sponsor of the first Sneak Attack I participated in. That means that she had the resonsibility of searching through new Etsy shops and nominating the ones that would be attacked. Sponsors give a list of their favorite new shops to Michael, who double-checks to make sure the shops meet the requirement. I asked Joyce how she chose the two shops in the Sneak Attack I participated in:

“I pounce around a lot, go to chat room and read the forums to find candidates. I usually look for at least one shop that has low price point, like the magnetic bookmarks from YaneShops. It has a good variety and seemed very active. And, like someone said on the thread, people can always use more bookmarks.

For SecretLolita, it was a little more dramatic. I found this other hair pin shop through Twitter and Michael approved that shop. But, it went on vacation the day of the attack! So, Julia from customcute helped me find a similar shop that meets the requirements. The hairpins are so pretty! Who can resist?”

Like most people, Joyce participats in the Sneak Attacks for the “warm, fuzzy feeling I get when I hear from the victims, their disbelief and renewed faith in themselves.” She sponsors shops as a way to help out when she can’t afford to shop.

Sneak Attackers have found all sorts of ways to support each other and the Sneak Attack movement. Many Sneak Attackers have started listing Sneak Attack Support Items–all money from these sales is used to purchase items during Sneak Attacks.

Don’t forget to stop by today’s Sneak Attack thread in the Etsy forums! Say hello, stay to chat–even if you can’t afford to purchase anything today I guarentee you will meet some awesome people and you’ll help keep the publicity of Sneak Attacks high in the forums!


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  1. This is a wonderful article! Thank you so much for doing it and including me in it! Great job 🙂

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