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Which Squirrel is your favorite?

I took some more squirrel photographs and I’m trying to decide which ones to list on Elephunk’s Eyes. I need your help! Please leave a comment with your vote for favorite squirrel:

1. Squirrel Contemplating a Tree

“Should I climb? Or should I hang out here in the pine needles?”

2. Squirrel Belly

You know you want to rub the fuzzy belly! I seem to have caught some squirrel nipple here–if I list it, should I tag it mature?

3. Squirrel in Profile:

Maybe pine needles are the place to be after all….

4. Lunchtime for Squirrel:

Maybe there is something delicious in this trash can..

5. Don’t list any of them. Squirrels are cute, but these photos won’t sell (please be honest, I won’t be offended I promise!)

6. List all of them! Squirrels are cute, and these photos will sell like hotcakes!


10 thoughts on “Which Squirrel is your favorite?

  1. the first one is my favorite, though they really are all adorable.. maybe you should do some of those little cards with them everyone is talking about!

  2. I like 4..but its not in as good of focus as the other ones. My favorite would have to be 2 because it has the whole squirrel and good focus. I just like the composition the best

  3. I think that #2 is my fave. It looks like she is checking you out. Really cute. Not everyone can get a photo like that one.

  4. I like the idea of doing something with them rather than just selling the picture. Personally I don't think I'd buy a picture on etsy, no matter how amazing or cute or whimsical….BUT if its ON something- cards or gift tags or something random and fun I'd probably be lots more likely to. Just my two cents

  5. Thanks for your input everyone!

    Swngdncr–I do plan on offering pictures on things at some point in the near future–right now I am still working out what and the best way of getting my photographs onto other things.

  6. I love them all but # 2 my fav.

    If you don't list you can't sell so I would try them all. Nothing tried nothing gained.


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