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Crafty Wedding Update

I can’t believe that my wedding is less than 2 and a half months away! With the semester ending at the beginning of May, much of the spring snuck by without much progress on the wedding crafts. This weekend Hassan and I made up for it by cranking out the last of the invitations. I’ve written before about our shared love of crafting and the first steps in our invitation making. After making our paper, we airbrushed the outline of a tree with our initials carved into it, and the outline of two peacocks: one in blue and one in green. On the front we airbrushed the words “You’re Invited” and an elephant. We finished the front off with a flower stamp we carved from lino blocks for our save the date cards.

On the inside, after we airbrushed the peacock outlines, we added peacock feathers to their tails (you can see them poking out of the folded invitation). We printed off all the relevant information on transparent vellum paper and glued that to the inside:

And today I finally got over to my friend’s house to work on my wedding dress. I’ve posted the basic design and some wedding dress progress photos before, but I haven’t gotten to work on the dress at all in over a month. I’ve finished what I’m calling the main part of the dress now–I still have to do the lining with the underskirt, the boning, and the weird wrappy bits.

Here is the front:
and here is the back:

The mannequin has larger hips than I do so the main part of the dress doesn’t close all the way. The white train that you see is actually part of my mock-up and will be a silver-blue silk in the actual dress


5 thoughts on “Crafty Wedding Update

  1. Oh everything looks perfect!
    I love your invites and that wedding dress is just stunning.
    I can't wait to see pictures from the wedding itself ^.^

  2. WOW! I am so impressed by your crafty-ness! Amazing.

    And thanks for your comment on my poem! I'm studying therapy, and my boyfriend's a fisheries economist, so that line pretty much sums things up. 😉

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