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Sneak Attack Interviews–LesliesPlace, MockaMooseMarket, and ThreePaperPigs

I’ve been designated the official blog interviewer for sneak attacks! If you have ever wondered what it is like to be a victim of a sneak attack, read on!

LesliesPalace was attacked was sponsored by customcute on May 29, 2009 and got 13 sales over the course of the attack! Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

Celeste: What was your reaction when you realized you’d been sneak attacked?

Leslie: My initial reaction was that I thought Etsy messed up somehow, then I read on. I am honored to have been chosen for a sneak attack and hope other “victims” realize what a wonderful thing it is to be chosen

Celeste: Anything else you’d like my blog readers to know?

Leslie: I love to craft and have always wanted to find a way to earn money doing what I love. Etsy gives me that chance. I only hope that I can build on the sneak attack. Selling handmade is not always easy, I’ve tried many times before. People don’t seem to understand how much time it takes to make the items we all make. I find that here on Etsy, everyone understands. We are a community joined together of like minded people. I will continue to add to my shop and visit others. Thanks again for the sneak attack!

Comfyhome sponsored the attack on June 1, 2009 and chose MockaMooseMarket and ThreePaperPigs to be the victims.

MockaMooseMarket got 8 sales from the attack and had this to say:

Celeste: What was your reaction when you realized you’d been sneak attacked?

MockaMooseMarket:My first reaction was “I couldn’t believe it! What do I do now!” Lol! You have no idea how happy it made me to actually see someone purchase something I had made. Just because I like what I do, didn’t necessarily mean someone else would. (Except for my family – they’re my biggest cheerleaders!) To see the variety of what my buyers purchased was reassuring. Because I made a few sales on one particular style, this has made me more confident that I must be doing something right. And then I really enjoyed meeting some of my fellow “etsyers”. (Now there’s a word for you! Ha!)Overall, this has been a GREAT experience and I thank everyone that participated. Plus, I’ve even made a couple of sales after the sneak attack was over! Which makes me a great fan of sneak attacks!

Celeste: Anything else you’d like my blog readers to know?

MockaMooseMarket: I’m so excited to be part of Etsy. Having a shop like this is something I’ve always wanted to do, but because of working, raising children, life, it was something I had to put on hold. Now I’m in a season of life where I can pursue creating. And I love to create! I really enjoy vintage, antique items from the past. Bits and pieces from hardware to barb wire – anything old & “rusty”. I like to take a bit of the past and add something “new”. Either a madedo or a whatever. I love the primitive look, so I like to make things appear old, used and loved. I guess I get this from my mother and her love for the past.

ThreePaperPigs, who got 19 sales from her attack, had this to say about the experience:

Celeste: What was your reaction when you realized you had been sneak attacked?

ThreePaperPigs: My reaction was, “WHAT? A sneak attack? Who, huh, how?” It sounded like something to be thrilled or wary about. Really, I was very flattered, delighted and ecstatic to meet other extremely welcoming and supportive fellow Etsians. As the 19 sales poured in within 10 minutes, I was utterly beside myself. I’m not a power seller who might take a sale or two for granted. I dwell in happiness for every sale I make!

Celeste: Anything else you would like my blog readers to know?

ThreePaperPigs: remember when Etsy first came online and I would peruse all the wonderfully crafted handmade goods. I kept telling myself to upload some products on there. This was back in 2005, the very beginnings of Etsy! It took me this long to upload a good amount of products and within less than a week of selling, I was the happy target of this fun sneak attack (you’re swell, comfyhome!). The timing was perfect, unexpected and deeply appreciated. Thanks to all of you who happily shopped at my store within minutes of finding out who I was. I am a graphic designer by trade and love to illustrate, mostly with pen and ink. My online store, www.threepaperpigs.com has been around since 2004 and it’s been very rewarding in so many respects. My store is a trunk of creative designs, mainly in the form of paper goods. You name it, and I will design or illustrate it. The funnest part is deciding which medium to work with next. I know we all have this in common!

The way I see it, Etsy is built on creativity, integrity, humor and understanding that community and finding connections is everything. It is an endless road of making friends. How cool is that? This reminds me to put in a plug for a blog I just started, (harmless ranting but it could lead to more enlightening convos with you folks) so stop by to say hello and jump in on the ranting: www.threepaperpigsblog.blogspot.com. It’s a works in progress. Again, a BIG hug and HUGE thank you to ALL you sneak attackers, you know who you are!


So be sure to check out LesliesPlace, MockaMooseMarket, and ThreePaperPigs! And remember to stop by handmademovement.com every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to find out what shops will be attacked next!


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