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Sneak Attack Interview–LordCat

Customcute sponsored a sneak attack of LordCat on May 29, 2009 and got a whopping 20 sales during the attack! Here is what LordCat had to say about the experience:

Celeste: What was your reaction when you realized you’d been sneak attacked?

LordCat: We were just getting ready to head out to dinner when I saw two emails come in saying that we had made two sales (in the same minute). I logged on to see quickly see what we had sold so we would have something to talk about over diner, when I saw more and more sales come rolling in! At first we thought it might be a cruel prank someone was pulling on us, but once we did a search on it and saw what it was, we were overwhelmed with joy. We skipped the restaurant that night, and hit the drive-through, but not before re-listing some of the soaps we knew we had in stock. It turned out to be a busy weekend!

Celeste: Is there anything else you’d like my blog readers to know about you, your shop, sneak attacks, buying and selling handmade, etc?

LordCat: We’re a husband and wife team that enjoy handmade items and the uniqueness that comes with them. We’re always trying new ideas out, and some work better than others, so stop by our shop once in a while to see what’s new! It’s hard selling stuff like soaps and candles, that rely so heavily on scent, over the internet, so this sort of exposure can make a big difference for a shop like ours! Thanks for the sneak attack, and keep up the good work! We look forward to ‘attacking’ some shops ourselves!

Make sure you check out LordCat’s shop and visit handmademovement.com for more information about Sneak Attacks!


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