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Wedding dress progress update

My maid of honor finally got back from her vacation, so I was able to go over to her place and work on my dress today. I got the lining and underskirt finished and the lining and over dress basted together. I still need to put the straps on and do the underlining with the interfacing and boning and hem the bottom and do the drapey bits and embellishments and sew on the buttons and…and…and….(!) but I am making progress. Here is what is looks like so far:


The white bit at the top is actually a bit of the lining folded over–it won’t be there in the final product. I’m really happy with how it looks so far.


9 thoughts on “Wedding dress progress update

  1. This is really looking fantastic! I can see where the inspiration for your recent blue cocktail hat may have come from?

  2. Wow! Very nice job on your wedding dress. I love your hats too. Where do you find the time with all your studies? Incredible energy!! Have a wonderful wedding day.

  3. Thanks everyone! Seedlings…my blue cocktail hat may have been inspired by the dress. I'm still working on the design for my wedding hat.

    Musings…right now its summer so I have more time, otherwise I snatch whatever free moments I have!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, ET! Now I see why you picked the floss you picked for your sandals! I didn't realize the back was a different color than the front! You are going to be STUNNING and I want PICS!

  5. thanks michigan! Yeah, the sandals match the back of the dress, and the beads match the front.

    Oh, and there will be pictures. TONS of pictures!

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