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Wedding craft update

My wedding is in 37 days! We are making progress on all of our DIY projects, ordering things from other artists and I think we will have things together in time.

I ordered a custom flower girl basket in light blue satin from JustForTheShellOfIt, and it came out perfect! She just finished it today, so I obviously don’t have it in hand yet. But she sent me pictures this morning and it looks great:

The basket is part of her wedding line, which is full of pretty stuff for the wedding day.

I also got these amazing soulful sandals from MichiganHemp:

(those are her cute toes, not mine) They are made of silk and match the back of my dress.

My wedding dress is coming along nicely, as is Hassan’s tailcoat. And I’ve started making fascinators for my bridesmaids. They look like this:

I have two made and only need to make one more. I need to make a green one for my friend who is singing our processional and I need to make a headband for the flower girl. And a hat for the officiant. And a hat for me. 37 days! I can do it!


9 thoughts on “Wedding craft update

  1. Thanks so much for showing off the sandals I made you! I'm so glad that everything is falling into place for you, and I can't wait to see the wedding photos! Those fascinators are beautiful, btw!

  2. You can do it!

    Have to keep the cheering section up. 🙂

    Everything is looking lovely and those fascinators turned out fantastic.

  3. All this wedding talk is making me excited!
    I love to hear everything is going well 😀
    Those soulful sandle feet things are amazing. I love them!! 😀

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