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Monthy Goal Review–June

It’s that time again–the beginning of a new month and time to review my Etsy goals! Its like New Year’s Resolutions, only once a month. And like New Year’s Resolutions, when I look back I usually realize that I didn’t do half the things I meant to do, but did also accomplished things I hadn’t planned on.

My goals for June were:
1. Get 2 sales a week in each shop on average for the month. I’m going to keep setting this goal. Someday I will actually reach it! That would bring me to 24 sales in Elephunk’s Trunk and 18 sales in Elephunk’s Eyes.

Yes! Elephunk’s Trunk is at 25 sales and Elephunk’s Eyes is not far behind at 23 sales. More than half of my sales this month were from pseudo-trades with the fabulous people of Etsy Team S.N.E.A.K., so I didn’t actually make much money. But it is still nice to know that people like my stuff and that it is getting out there!

2. Raise enough money to sponsor an elephant orphan. That’s $50–I can do it!

Nope. I still haven’t sold any Elephunk’s Orphans items in Elephunk’s Trunk. I have raised $31 so far in Elephunk’s Eyes, though, which is a great start! And the Elephunk’s Orphans section of my shops was featured in Foxy G’s Den of I-Knit-quity as part of her Art from the Heart series.

3. Continue to Blog, on average, every other day.

Yes! 15 Blog posts in 31 days. Go me!

4. Get 50 items in Elephunk’s Trunk and 75 in Elephunk’s Eyes. That means finding time for crafting!

Will call this one Half-kept. I only have 44 items in Elephunk’s Trunk, but I have 79 in Elephunk’s Eyes.

5. Figure out a way to deal with the whole financial side of this–how much I’m spending, how much I’m making…all that boring stuff!

Nope. Really do need to do that. I did figure out a better way of keeping track of what photographs I need to get more prints off and which ones sell though.

Two and a half out of five isn’t bad! And I accomplished a lot I didn’t set out to do. I went to my first Etsy Team North Georgia meet-up, joined Etsy Team S.N.E.A.K. and started the Team S.N.E.AK. blog.

My goals for July will be modest. With my wedding coming up at the end of month, most of my time and energy will be going toward that.

July Goals
1. Get an average of 1 sale a week in each shop.
2. Blog at on average twice a week.
3. Get up to 50 items in Elephunk’s Trunk and 100 in Elephunk’s Eyes
4. Raise enough money in Elephunk’s Orphans to sponsor a baby elephant.


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