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NorGA June Swap–Mythology

Every month, in addition to the theme contest, the members of Team NorGA do a themed swap. The theme for June was “mythology.” I got a great box of goodies from Jolene of Dingogirl’s Den.

First myth: Elephants don’t grow awesome green hair

They do if its this cool guy!

elephant hair

Second myth: Celeste doesn’t have enough crafting supplies.

Celeste has buckets of crafting supplies, but she can always use more! Like this awesome fabric and elephant ribbon from Jolene:


Third Myth: Storage containers are unnecessary.

Totally false! I always need things to put things in, like these awesome pouches:
cool pouches

Fouth Myth: You have to carry you’re whole bookbag from the office to the cafeteria to get your lunch, even though all you need is your wallet and keys because you don’t have any pockets.

False! You can use this cool elephant wrist pouch:

wrist pouch

Last myth: Jolene has a magic eyeball that can find the perfect gift for people she’s never even met.

I think this pillow confirms the existence of Jolene’s magic eyeball:

Elephant pillow


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