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More wedding crafts

My wedding is on Friday! We have pretty much everything made.

We are having one of our good friends perform the ceremony, and since I insist that everyone get a fancy hat, I made this one for her:

Officiants hat

These are our cake toppers. I made the bride and my fiance made the groom. He is clearly better at clay work than I am.

Elephant cake toppers

This is the headband I made for my flower girl:

Flower girl headband

These are our thank you cards. I did not make them. We put up an alchemy request on etsy, and had these made by sarahrhacker. I am really happy with how they turned out.

Our thank you cards from sarahrhacker

And finally: My bridal hat! As you all know, I have a fondness for extravagant hats. I knew that my bridal hat had to be phenomenal. It is a silk cocktail hat with handmade silk flowers, blue rhinestones, peacock feathers, goose feathers, ostrich feathers, and a pheasant feather!

[bridal hat-left side

Bridal hat-right side

Bridal hat-top view

Still need to finish: card box, shawl for one of the groom’s attendants.

4 thoughts on “More wedding crafts

  1. I absolutely love your wedding ideas. They are fabulous. Nothing is just 'plain ole normal!' I sure wish that I knew you in 'real life' because I think that you could be so much fun.

    Congrats on getting everything done, and not getting stressed out.

    We are all looking forward to the wedding photos. I hope all goes well.

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