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Team NorGA monthly challenge-August

Last month, I started an ambitious project for the Team NorGA monthly challenge. I had to abandon it because I was too busy getting ready for my wedding to perfect my felting technique. This month, the theme is “Candy” and I decided that the variegated sunset colored roving I bought from yarn2spin would be great for making a “Taffy” hat. I was then inspired by RunsWithScissors amazing collection of felt balls to cover my Taffy hat in felted gumballs. This is the end product:

Taffy and Gumball Hat

At the end of the month, this hat and the other Candy themed projects made by the talented Team NorGA artisans will be put up on the Team NorGA blog. You will have a chance to vote for your favorite and win cool prizes.

See what other fabulous artists are doing at fiber friday!


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