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Wish list Wednesday–Fiber Fun

I’ve been developing a new obsession with fiber as I learn to spin my own yarn. The softness, the colors, just enchant me! I love the way you can take a gorgeous roving, transform it into soft beautiful yarn, and the knit or crochet that into another fabulous creation. For today’s Wishlist Wednesday I’m highlighting a few things from each step of the process that I am wishing for.

WoolyTreasures‘s shop tagline is “Made with a fanatical love of color and natural fibers” and that fanatical love comes through in all her items. Her aptly named “treasure fiber batts” shimmer and sparkle in a rainbow of jewel toned hues. I especially love “seasonal sea:”

“Seasonal sea” is a mix of wool, silk, alpaca and angelina. But did you know that you can also make yarn out of milk? Zebisisdesigns sells roving made from dewatered extruded milk protein! I love the colors of this “berry fest:”

All of these wonderful fibers are just waiting to be spun into yarn. And to do that, you need a spindle. Now, you can make your own spindle or you can buy one. Either way, why make it plain and boring? An artists tools can be a work of art too!

Butterflygirldesigns makes beautiful spindles. The whorls are made from stone, resin, glass, or polymerclay like this lovely here:

In addition to having an awesome shop name, Knotmydayjob makes gorgeous spindles. I like the flower shaped ones since they work notches into the design of the whorl. I love the enamel on the shaft of this spindle:

Put roving and spindles together and you get wonderful unique yarns. I love this “Marigold and Mums” single ply yarn from HeartStringsByDee. The subtle shading of yellows into browns reminds me of fall.

On the opposite side of the color spectrum from Dee’s muted browns and yellows, SpunRightRound has created this Neon Monster handspun weighing in at a full 13 oz! I love the variety of bright colors and the intermingling of solids and stripes:

What people do with yarn once it is spun always astounds me. I’ve been knitting and crocheting for years, but it still feels like magic to me–wave a couple sticks around an voila! Yarn turns into a gorgeous garment. Take for example this goddess wrap from FoxyGKnits, a knitting goddess in her own right:

I just want to wrap myself in that blue softness and curl up in front of a fire with a cup of hot cocoa. For a night out on the town, I’d love this blue and gray shrug from filofashion:


9 thoughts on “Wish list Wednesday–Fiber Fun

  1. That is SO WEIRD!! Actually right beside me are spinning tools 😀
    I picked them up about a few weeks ago and I intend to learn how to do it!
    Those are STUNNING fibers!! Those colors are so vivid…
    I'm like drooling right now. Lol

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