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We came, we saw, we traded

This weekend, the wonderful Jan of PamperPantry hosted a potluck and swap at her house for the members of TeamNorGA. There are many different types of etsy teams, and each has its own appeal. You can’t beat a local team for proximity though! In addition to helping with local business laws and craft show information, a local team allows you to meet face to face and see each other’s creations. So I baked a lasagna, loded up my trunk with hats, fascinators, and all my other goodies and drove over to Pam’s house. My organza flowers turned out to be pretty popular, and I traded several away for some great goodies:

This beautiful fall shrug is from Worthy Soy Candles and Crochet. Erica has created these shrugs in a variety of colors and styles. I love the warm colors and bell sleeves on this one.

This pendant was made from a recycled bottle cap by the wonderful Julie of Cowgirl jewels. I fell in love with the pattern on this one immediately.
This stunning necklace came from Josie’s beaded jewelry. I love the way it sits right on my clavicles. The bead work is so intricate!

I even got something to help me get organized! This clutter cutter tin from C Elizabeth Designs will now hold all of my organza flowers while they are waiting for a new home. It’s pretty empty after this weekend though–I better get crafting!


5 thoughts on “We came, we saw, we traded

  1. Celeste,

    Thanks for the mention in your awesome blog. I am glad that you like the bottle cap pendant. My beautiful black organza flower was confiscated by my daughter and she has been wearing it non-stop. We love it! I will have to order some more from you! Thanks again. It was wonderful meeting you – you are delightful!


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