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Wish List Wednesday–A little book for your thoughts

Several years ago I bought two large sketchbooks to use as journals thinking “this will be great! These books are huge! They will last me forever.” And they have. Primarily because I never write in them. Every few months I make a resolution to start journaling again–every night before bed! Everyday first thing in the morning! Daily at 1:11 PM! And invariably after a day or two of fervent thought recording, I fall back out of the habit. I’ve decided that the culprit is my huge sketchbook journal. It sits there waiting for me to have time to come to it, when that isn’t how my brain works. My thoughts and ideas come at bus stops and cafeterias, when I’m walking between classes or sitting on the train. All the mental notes in the world can’t induce me to remember to journal about them when I get home. I need a journal that can live in my purse or bookbag so when I have that burst of thoughtfulness hits me I can be ready. Preferably I need lots of small journals so that I when I fill them with my new rapid journalling habit, the next one is waiting for me.

This beautiful journal from BlueToad fits the bill exactly:

At 5×6 inches I could slip it into my purse, but with 120 pages it will hold all my random thoughts. I love the tree art on the cover.

This little journal from UsefulBooks practically has my name on it (Celeste, not Elephunk):

The pages are a mixture of Italian Velata, graph paper, and found pages and are sure to give me plenty of journaling inspiration!

There is no reason that a small journal can’t be large in charm, like this miniature leather journal from TeoStudio:

This gorgeous little book is made from recycled leather and hand stained paper.

I can get a whole set of tiny books to save the day from parksideharmony:

Each of these super hero books measures 3 1/2 inches square. You can’t beat that for portability!


5 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday–A little book for your thoughts

  1. I couldn't agree more with you! Some ten years ago I was filling any journal in a couple of months, but these days… surrounded by the many journals that I make, I tend to start a new one for each different purpose! I really don’t know when I’ll get to fill them all 🙂
    Thanks so much for including my little vintage journal in your beautiful collection!

  2. Oh man, you just fed my journal addiction. LOL
    I'm the same way: I keep trying to journal everyday and it never ends up working out, buuuuut I have a million different journals that just sit and taunt me.
    I think maybe having THE perfect journal will help motivate you to keep journaling 🙂

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