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Fiber Friday– Spinnning silk yarn

I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying my drop spindle and a bag of roving with me wherever I go. This past week, the back has been full of a delightfully soft bombay silk roving in a perfect wintery white, and a small bag of sparkly blue nylon icicle roving. Spinning the silk was like working directly from a cloud. It took me a while to get used to the staple length, which is different from the wool I have worked with in the past, but it was worth the effort. Here is the resulting yarn:

For more fun with fiber, head on over to Alpaca Farm Girl for the Fiber Friday blog carnival!


7 thoughts on “Fiber Friday– Spinnning silk yarn

  1. That's so funny!! I just bought a drop spindle the other week at a local alpaca farm, and the lady was nice enough to give me some fiber to spin, but I'm so fearful of messing things up I haven't even tried yet >.<
    Any advice for a newbie?!

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