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Inside the Studio-Mini Pill Box Hats

A lot goes into a handmade hat and a lot of it ends up invisible in the finished hat. In the picture above, the skeletons of three mini pillbox hats wait for me to cover them. When they are finished, they will look like the hat I made for Julia’s wedding.

These frames are each made from two pieces of buckram: one for the sides and one for the top. The bottom edge has been wired so that the hats retain their round shape. These three frames are almost ready to be covered. First, I will sew bias strips over the wires and over the tabs that hold the top of the hat to the sides of the hat. This way the frame will be smooth before I cover it with fabric. Once covered with fabric I will decorate with flowers, feathers, netting, and whatever other decoration the hat calls out for. Each hat is different, but underneath they look the same.


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