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A sun hat with a bun hole!

Every so often I am lucky enough to get a custom order that challenges me to create a whole new design rather than simply altering the colors and sizes of my current designs. This week I got two! The first was from a woman with long thick hair who likes to wear sun hats but has difficulty getting them to fit right over her bun. Her solution? A hat with a hole in the back that she could put her bun through! Here are the idea sketches she sent me:

Note the bun sticking through the back of the hat. Here is the hat I made:

Like most of my sun hats, this one is reversible. The other side is mostly pink with a brown band:
Unfortunately my display head does not have any hair so I couldn’t make the bun, but you get the idea.


5 thoughts on “A sun hat with a bun hole!

  1. What a cool idea – literally! People with long hair need to put it up to get it off their necks in the heat, and then where you gonna put that bun in some standard hat?! Nicely done!

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