Millinery Mondays–Alternative Design Studios Hats

The talented milliner behind Alternative Design Studios teaches us that elegance and beauty do not have to come at the expense of practicality. After all, at its most basic a hat is an item of clothing designed to protect the head. While it can also be a purely decorative statement hat, I am always impressed when I see hats that combine the functional with the decorative.

This gorgeous suede hat is from Alternative Design Studios’ hatcentric line of limited edition or one of a kind hats. I love the soft neutral colors and the texture of this hat. Best of all, it is waterproof and stain resistant, making this hat a perfect choice for a rainy day.

Be sure to check out Alternative Design Studios on facebook, and check out their website where you can learn more about their original designs as well as their hat shop in San Fransisco.


Wishlist Wednesday–Baby time!

As many of you know, I am expecting my first baby this May. So of course I have been looking through Etsy for bits of handmade joy.

First of all, how can I resist this elephant onesie from blinkbaby?

Baby shoes are always adorable–handmade felt baby shoes with elephants on them are even better! Check out these babies from outofthebox:

Every baby needs a favorite blanket, and of course, I’d choose this one from bankiebaby (noticing a theme here?)

And finally, since I am having a little boy, I absolutely must have some tinkle tents from ClothPadStore.

Millinery Mondays–OnYourHead

Welcome to the first installment of my new blog series: Millinery Mondays. Once I week I will be featuring a piece of millinery artistry that I find inspiring and generally awesome.

This blog series was inspired by a particular inspiring hat created by Eleonora of OnYourHead. Eleonora lives in Florence, Italy where she is studying millinery. The hat is called “Freedom” and features a hummingbird flying out of a handmade metal birdcage:

This hat has a beauty and grace to it that I strive for in my own work. I am currently fascinated with the concept of hat designs that tell stories, which I intend to explore in my own character hats. Eleonora captures the moment at which the hummingbird escapes from its cage in a hat the combines the whimsical and the elegant. This is truly a work of art that you wear on your head.

Want to keep up with what Eleonora is working on? Check out her facebook, follow her blog, and of course, don’t forget to see all the treasures in her etsy shop.

Elephunk’s Trunk Welcomes in the New Year

I would like to wish all the fans and followers of Elephunk’s Trunk a creative, happy, and prosperous 2011. This year is looking to be an exciting one for me: I am expecting my first baby at the end of May, which I know is going to transform my life in ways I cannot even begin to predict. As part of that change I will be quitting my day job, and while being a mom is certainly going to be a full-time job, I am also hoping to have more time to devote to expanding my craft. There will be lots of exciting changes in the coming year.

First, my etsy shop is getting a make over thanks to the talented Valerie of xinkblot. She has been working hard with me to create a logo and design matching business cards and graphics for my etsy shop. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality, professional graphic design. Valerie took my half-formed vision and turned it into something beautiful. She has been incredibly patient with me as I ask for various revisions and seems just as interested in creating the perfect image for my shop as I am.

I am developing several new product lines for 2011 as well. Everyone knows that people wear hats—this spring look to see hats wearing people at Elephunk’s Trunk. I have a new line of bridal headgear in the works and hopefully by the end of the year I will be making hats for grooms as well. I am also working out the kinks on a new winter hat design inspired by the frigid winters of medieval Mongolia.

Wishing everyone the best for the new year!