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Millinery Mondays–OnYourHead

Welcome to the first installment of my new blog series: Millinery Mondays. Once I week I will be featuring a piece of millinery artistry that I find inspiring and generally awesome.

This blog series was inspired by a particular inspiring hat created by Eleonora of OnYourHead. Eleonora lives in Florence, Italy where she is studying millinery. The hat is called “Freedom” and features a hummingbird flying out of a handmade metal birdcage:

This hat has a beauty and grace to it that I strive for in my own work. I am currently fascinated with the concept of hat designs that tell stories, which I intend to explore in my own character hats. Eleonora captures the moment at which the hummingbird escapes from its cage in a hat the combines the whimsical and the elegant. This is truly a work of art that you wear on your head.

Want to keep up with what Eleonora is working on? Check out her facebook, follow her blog, and of course, don’t forget to see all the treasures in her etsy shop.


8 thoughts on “Millinery Mondays–OnYourHead

  1. Now that IS a hat that takes a bit of courage to wear!!!
    Lovely blog idea!!! I've been dreaming of doing such a regular piece featuring my own vintage hat collection–
    some really fabulous hats that shouldn't be all couped up in their boxes!!!

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