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Wishlist Wednesday–Keeping it cozy

This winter has been truly awe inspiring as Mother Nature shows us what she is capable off. Here in Boston, I’m writing this from the warmth of my study as outside we get a “wintry mix” of freezing rain, snow, and ice pellets. The snow is already several feet deep and the plow mounds on my side street are taller than I am. With a predicted four inches of ice accumulating tonight, I’ve been scouring etsy for handmade ways to stay warm and cozy.

My husband is always astounded at how cold my hands get, especially when I spend too much time at the computer ooohing and aaahing over handmade goodies. These arm warmers from brendaabdullah for keeping me cozy without impairing my dexterity. Also, they are made from recycled sweaters which is just cool!

And speaking of amazing things made from old sweaters, I have been drooling over the elf coats made by katwise for seriously several years now. Given that they tend to sell as fast as she makes them, I doubt I’ll ever get one but that doesn’t stop me from wishing!

For those days (which seem to be happening a lot lately) when I need a little extra warm fuzziness around my neck, I’d love this scarflette from engelfelt.

Sadly, my face is not immune to biting winds and icy rain. Fortunately foamywader has the perfect solution! Nothing keeps your face warm like a nice beard, and finally my inability to grow my own will not hamper me!


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