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Tied up in Knots–Wishlist Wednesday

I confess. I am an Italian-Polish-Slovakian-American drawn inexplicably to Celtic knot work. I can’t really explain it–maybe it is the way they draw your eyes in and don’t let them out, maybe it is the way they show the interconnectedness of all things, maybe it is just because they are pretty. Clearly I am not the only one tied up in Celtic knots, as these talented Etsy sellers demonstrate.

Sapphire Celtic Puzzle Ring by nellyvansee

This beautiful ring is a Celtic knot you can untie. I have always been a fan of puzzle rings, although the last one I had ended up refusing to go back into its proper shape. Nelly Van Cleeff is a full time jewelry maker from Montreal, and this white gold Celtic Puzzle Ring is a ring-lover’s dream. Did I mention I love rings?

Maple Bowl by menapace

The walnut lid of this hand turned maple bowl by Garn Menapace shows off the intricacy and complexity of Celtic knot work. I imagine myself as small as an ant just wandering endlessly along the smooth wooden pathways.

Lunar Trinity Chignon by Starflowersilver
My hair isn’t nearly long enough for one of these, even though I am growing it out. Even when it is super long, it is very fine so that my attempts at crazy Renaissance hair dos always look a little pitiful. But I want one of these chignon’s anyway. Maybe I can get her to make one that is really, really small for my tiny, tiny buns.

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