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Milliners of Etsy–Bridal Project Runway

Due to the success of the first Milliner’s of Etsy Project Runway competition in December 2010, we have decided to do a second challenge, this time focusing on a bridal theme. I spent weeks pouring through handmade bridal gowns on Etsy trying to find the perfect inspiration piece. It wasn’t easy–there are a lot of beautiful, original, and just plain amazing dresses out there. In the end, I had to chose this crochet wedding dress designed and made by Dagmar of Sash Couture.

Crochet Wedding Dress design by Dagmar of Sash Couture

Dagmar’s dress appeals to me for a number of reasons. First of all, it is a design concept for a custom wedding gown, rather than a ready to order product. This means that she can make you a wedding dress in any style you want while giving it the special elegance of crocheted lace.As a hat designer, I can work with Dagmar to take her basic design concept–traditional bridal fashion in a less traditional material–and interpret it in my own way to create a wedding hat that goes with the dress. But the main reason that I chose the crochet wedding dress as my inspiration piece is that it is fundamentally different from everything else I saw.

Design sketching is not my forte–I can never get the image in my head on to paper quite right–but here is the concept sketch for my crochet wedding hat:

Crochet wedding hat design by Celeste of Elephunk’s Trunk

The structure for the hat will be made from millinery wire covered with horsehair crin (which despite its name is actually made from nylon these days). The headband shaped crown will then be covered with my own crochet motifs, accented by a crochet rose. For an added bit of elegance, the hat will support a double layer cascade veil in bridal tulle.


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