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Millinery….er, Tuesday–Little Old Wedding Shop

My millinery feature of the week is a day late due to technical difficulties and my own millinery exploits, but I am sure you will agree that Little Old Wedding Shop is worth waiting for. Christine has recently opened Maudie’s Millinery and Little Old Wedding Shop as a brick and mortar studio in Brisbane, Australia.  She teaches traditional millinery methods to eager students.

Pink Hat by Christine of Little Old Wedding Shop

Christine specializes in vintage inspired recreative work, taking old hats that have seen better days and working them anew. She will take the entire hat apart, wash, dye,  re-block, wire, and trim it to create a new hat better suited to the size modern heads, as vintage hats are often rather small. I find this recreative work tremendously inspiring. Christine recognizes the value and beauty of vintage objects and uses her creativity to craft them into modern masterpieces.


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