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Weekly Wishlist–Steampunk Finery

This week’s wish list is inspired by the fantastical neo-Victorian charm of steampunk fashion. With lace, brass, and felt steampunk artists create a truly funky elegance that hearkens back to a time when everyone wore hats and gusts of steam filled the air.

To add a touch of steampunk to your wardrobe, try one of Claudia Bruno’s impressive brass steampunk cuffs. Claudia adds a patina to all of her jewelry by hand to give it that special look of Victorian age. This gorgeous cuff is lined on the inside with black velvet for added comfort.

Black Patina Steampunk Cuff by Claudia Bruno

A steampunk outfit isn’t complete without a wild and crazy hat to top it off. Of course, I’m of the opinion that no outfit is complete without a wild and crazy hat, but that’s just me! For those with an inclination toward the neo-Victorian and a passion for color, nothing could be better than this vibrant hat by Delight Worthyn. The most amazing thing about this hat? It’s made from recycled t-shirts!

Spider Mum Neo Victorian Hat by Delight Worthyn

For the height of neo-Victorian culture, try a nuno felted scarflette from Rudman. I love the texture of nuno felt, and this royal purple creation in silk, merino wool, and tencel looks delightfully soft to wear. The neck is one of the more subtly sensuous parts of the body, and this scarf will accent it beautifully.

Felted Scarf-collar Nunochka by Rudman

And of course, any recreation of Victorian times would be incomplete without the image of soot smeared young boys heading to work in the coal mines. After all, where do you think all that steam comes from?

Young Miners by CoalRegionArt

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