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Weekly Wishlist– You made that out of WHAT?

Given my current refashioning project, it is not surprising that I am currently obsessed with the world of making beautiful things from the world of the discarded. And sometimes when I am cruising through Etsy I find absolutely gorgeous things made from the most surprising materials.

Take this hat (and then send it to me please!):

Phoenix Cap by Abscraft

When I first saw it I was wowed by the intricacy of each looped and crafted feather. Then I read the item description. Guess what this hat is made of? Give up? It’s recycled television wires. Allison of abscraft spends hours gutting old television sets for their colorful wire and then days sculpting that wire into a hat. I’d say Allison is the queen of turning trash into treasure!

Long Standoffs Pendant by Lushbeads

One look at this necklace and I think “ooo pretty metal beads.” A closer look, and a thorough reading of the item description, and I realize that those aren’t beads at all. Instead, Liz from lushbeads takes rejected computer parts and turns them into unisex jewelry. To be honest, I’ve opened up my computer a few times, and while I can appreciate the aesthetic of the circuit boards and what I can only call “diggly-bobs” inside,  I would never have thought to turn them into jewelry supplies. Kudos to you Liz!

Cordova Silver Fork Bracelet from wearetheedge

This bracelet from wearetheedge is less industrial than my other two picks for today, and the original material is therefore more obvious to me. But that doesn’t make it any less amazing! I love the way the artists have used the tines of the antique fork to hold in the opalized ammonite and then curled the remaining two tines up!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Wishlist– You made that out of WHAT?

  1. Thank you for the inclusion, the hat was made for an exhibition when I lived in Canada that I curated called Fire! and is based on the Phoenix legend and now I live in Wirral, next to Liverpool, famous for the Liverbirds….based on the Phoenix.

  2. Wow–what a nice grouping of upcycled accessories. Thanks for including our fork bracelet…It's in very good company along side this fabulous hat and artsy necklace!!

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