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Millinery Marvels- Boring Sydney

Belle of BoringSyndey and I have a few things in common. We both got into hat making through an interest in costuming, and we have both used antlers in our creation of headdresses. The difference is that Belle has much more extensive training and experience in costume design, and that shows in the amazing piece of wearable art she calls “Queen of the Woodland:”

“Queen of the Woodland” by Belle of BoringSydney
Photo by Craig Thomson
Model: Aylyssa
Dress by Kimmi

Made from antlers, a large vintage silk flower, and ostrich feathers, “Queen of the Woodland” is a dramatic statement piece. BoringSydney is, in fact, anything but boring. Belle’s work demonstrates the ways in which fashion in general, and millinery in particular, transcends the mundane and practical to enter into the realm of art. Belle’s repertoire is quite extensive, however, and her shop also includes more “wearable” kinds of hats.


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