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Weekly Wishlist–Women!

Since International Women’s Day was earlier this week, I’m going to focus my weekly wishing on women today. Who doesn’t need more fabulous women in their life? Fortunately, you can’t buy actual women on Etsy (I’m pretty sure human trafficking is against the TOU); today I am going to focus on some wonderful finds that honor the women of the world.

“Saint Anandamayi Ma” Painting by Marisa Redondo

Marisa Redondo is a painter from Northern California who has a talent for abstract female imagery as well as the realistic paintings of her India series. This particular painting honors Sri Anandamayi Ma, a spiritual teacher regarded by many in India and elsewhere as a saint. Marisa will donate 50% of the proceeds from this painting to a Children’s Ashram and School in Omkareshwar, India.

“Julia” By Lark Calderon-Gomez

Many of us in the United States can trace our presence here to a brave woman traveling alone to a new country to seek a better life. For me, it is my great-grandmother Mary Hucik who came alone on a boat from Brezovica, Slovakia in 1911. Since she died when my mother was a child, she has mostly been a mythological figure to me. Likewise, Lark Calderon-Gomez never got to hear her grandmother tell of her immigration to the United States from Guatemala in the 1940s. Calderon-Gomez has created a series of paintings called “Julia’s Journeys,” as well as written back stories, to honor her grandmother and explore her own family history.

“Black Rose” by Niehlah Studios

Unlike the other paintings on my wishlist for this week, “Black Rose” by Francis Bradley of Niehlah Studios does not depict a particular female character, or at least the identity of the woman is not revealed in Bradley’s description of the painting. I was drawn to this piece because of the strength and dignity with which the subject confronts the unknown beyond the edge of the canvass. Bradley works through her art to bring that strength and dignity to the children of Bamako, Mali. Through the Murals for Mali Project, Bradley uses the arts driven educational and vocational programs to raise awareness about child labor, abuse, and neglect.


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