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Millinery Marvels–TRAMPmillinery

Artists look to the past for inspiration in pretty much every creative genre, and in millinery I think this happens even more frequently. We are drawn to the days when no respectable lady or gentleman left the house without a hat and designers sought to outdo each other in innovation and elegance. In this gorgeous headpiece, Maggie of TRAMPmillinery draws inspiration from not one, but two historical eras:

Grecian Goddess leaf and feather headband by TRAMPmillinery

Aptly named “Grecian Goddess,” the garland of millinery leaves hearkens back to antiquity. The spray of ostrich feathers and the elegance of the design are reminiscent of the glamor of the 1930s. I imagine this stunning piece topping off a beautiful wedding ensemble, or complimenting the perfect outfit for a summer soiree. Every leaf has been carefully arranged, and the silver beading finishes the look.


3 thoughts on “Millinery Marvels–TRAMPmillinery

  1. Love your work. Thanks for posting a reply on my newest post. Your pieces are probably harder to price. I imagine many times harder than mine. I hope you have kept a photographic record of your work, they are true works of art.

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