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Millinery Marvels–RedDragonflyAKATOMBO

“Buy Eco, change your light bulbs, grow your own veggies and don’t spray bug killer on bees.” So ends the Etsy profile of Pheigi Sugahara MacDonald, the talented woman behind RedDragonflyAKATOMBO. Pheigi’s urge to create is also an urge to preserve: she creates amazing hats with the goal of encouraging a more eco-friendly and responsible form of consumer behavior.

Take, for example, this gorgeous red tweed cocktail hat:

Strawberry Bows Harris Tweed cocktail hat

The beautiful fabric that covers the handmade buckram frame certified Harris Tweed that Pheigi buys directly from the weavers or mill in Harris, Scotland. In this way, she uses her art to support a traditional craft industry. The inside of the hat is lined with recycled kimono silk. I am always drawn to artists and craftspeople who see their work as part of a movement for ethical consumerism, and aim to include more upcycling and refashion into my own work. Pheigi of RedDragonflyAKATOMBO is an inspiration to me in her ethical commitment and the beauty of her designs.


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