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Ask and you shall recieve!

According to a poll I am conducting on my facebook fan page, most people would like to see more feathered hair clips in my shop. The poll has only been running for about eighteen hours now, so results could change, but since I am always eager to listen to my fans I spent most of yesterday working on some new feathered clips.

Hair clip with brass cameo and peacock feathers

When I saw this Vintaj brass cameo in the shop of Unique Women in Business member SoManyBeads, I fell in love immediately. I have been incorporating cameos into my hair clips for a while now–I like the air of mystique the women’s faces bring to a piece–but I hadn’t seen one made of brass before. The metal cameo seemed to be the perfect compliment to the metallic sheen of the peacock feathers. This hair clip is now available in my etsy shop.

The poll is still running on my facebook page, so if there is something you would like to see in my shop head on over and tell me what you think!


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