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Work In Progress–Snowflake hat complete!

All to often for me “work in progress” really means “piece I have started and is now sitting in a Rubbermaid bin while I am distracted by other things.” I started designing this cocktail hat at the beginning of February, worked on it a little bit, and then let it lie for about a month. Granted, I had other things on my plate like the Milliners of Etsy Bridal Challenge and moving to a new apartment. But since one of my goals for April is to finish the items I’ve begun, I’ve been hard at work all week stitching and embroidering. The snowflake cocktail hat is complete!

Blocked from wool felt, wired to keep its shape, hand embroidered with both satin stitch and Indian shisha mirror work, and decorated with glass seed beads, this hat took almost nine hours to complete. I am happy with the way that it came out though, so it was worth the time!

The inside is lined with grey dupioni silk:


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