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Work in Progress–Ancient Greek Inspiration

I draw the inspiration for my hats from all sorts of places, but I find historical head wear to be one of the richest sources of ideas. I would like, at some point, to start making historically accurate reproductions. Right now, however, I am enjoying taking inspiration from historical fashions and making something entirely new.

Currently I am working on a hat inspired by head pieces worn by women in Ancient Greece, like this one:

 I imagine from this picture that this is more like a head band or a bandana than a hat with a firm structure, and I have experimented with the style in that form for my personal collection. You can see me wearing in this picture of my enormously pregnant belly:

I thought it would be interesting to make a similar design with a buckram and wire interior structure. The end result will probably not look Greek at all, but that is fine by me. So far I have completed the buckram base. I plan to cover it with brocade fabric and millinery flowers.

3 thoughts on “Work in Progress–Ancient Greek Inspiration

  1. Thank you for stopping by at my blog. Had no idea you were expecting a baby! I see that the wait is not too long. Good luck! I was expecting my daughter no. 2 end of May, but she was born early…beginning of May. This was 2 years ago.

    Take care.

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