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Weekly Wishlist–Is it Spring yet?

This time last  year I was still living in sunny Hotlanta, wearing tank tops and skirts and walking barefoot in my backyard. This year, in Boston spring is creeping up a bit more tenuously. A few days ago I was out in a skirt and no jacket. This weekend we are supposed to get a frost. So in an effort to entice spring to get a tighter grip on New England, I offer you some dreamy handmade spring picks:

Spring Dress by Pinkmouse

Things like this beautiful spring dress from Pinkmouse make me not-so-secretly wish I was having a little girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally excited about the upcoming birth of my son, but there just isn’t as much awesome stuff for little boys on etsy as there is for little girls. I love the bright green skirt on this dress, and the billowing sleeves. Come to think of it, maybe I should just see if she could make one in my size!

Gabon Ebony Hairstick by Grah-Toe Studio

I keep thinking about getting my hair cut, and then changing my mind at the last minute.Things like this beautiful calla lily hair stick from Grah-Toe Studio call out to me, and then I want to grow my hair out even longer so I can wear them. I adore lilies of all sorts, and calla lilies are particularly sensual. I can’t imagine anything more springy then sitting on my back porch, reading a book, with one of these tucked into my hair.

Flowers in Blue from Artbygeorgia

A few years ago I bought my mother some paintings by Georgia Pistolis for mother’s day (or was it her birthday? I don’t remember) and I have wanted to get some for myself ever since. I love the simplicity of this watercolor painting. Georgia captures the image of these flowers beautifully, without getting mired in the details. The colors are bright and vibrant. What better for spring than some lovely flowers?


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