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Weekly Wishlist–Mother Earth

Earth Day is right around the corner, so today I’m browsing wonderful eco-friendly and recycled handmade goodies. While there is a whole world of brand new, sparkly craft supplies out there (and I confess I have very little will power in craft stores), these wonderful artists have created their treasures from what others might mistake for trash.

Reclaimed wood MP3 player stand by fromMarz

This fun dragster style MP3 player stand is made entirely of reclaimed wood scraps. This stand is also great for cell phones or for holding business cards. James of fromMarz rescues discarded fence wood before it can make it to a landfill and uses it for all his woodworking projects. Scraps from larger projects become small treasures like this one.

Recycled paper earrings by shearmoresheep

Once upon a time  the paper in these earrings made up the pictures and pages of National Geographic and Time magazine. Monica of shearmoresheep preserves the beauty of the paper in these gorgeous swirly earrings. Her packaging is also made from recycled materials so her customers can be sure of an eco-friendly shopping experience.

Eco-Ninja Plushie by EcoWeaver

And if you don’t do your best to conserve our resources, you might just find this Eco-Ninja standing over your bed. Except you won’t find him there, because he’s a Ninja, and you’ll never see him coming. This delightful plushie is made from Eco-felt, a fun new form of felt made from recycled plastic bottles. Trinity of ecoweaver sources all of her beads and embellishments from fair trade sources, seeking to have a positive impact on the world.

For more Earth Day finds, check out my “Love your Mother” Treasury:


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