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Weekly Wishlist: Sleep!

As a new parent of a one month old, there is one thing I am wanting right now more than anything, and that is SLEEP!

Tote by theboldbanana

 Theboldbanana has me pegged. I mean, who doesn’t like naps. I’ve always been a fan, but now I’m a connoisseur. There’s the five AM nap on the couch while the baby spends an hour grunting and squeaking his way to a poop in the co-sleeper next to daddy (who is much better at sleeping through the gastric symphony), the five minute half-a-sleep doze in my nursing rocker; and the 20 minute nap with my finger in the baby’s while he sucks vehemently, and I try to convince him that he’d like to sleep too. Really. Please?

Happy Nap by zetie

Basically all I get are cat naps. Photographer zetie captured this little kitty mid snooze. Personally, I don’t know why they call short little dozes “cat naps.”  My cats don’t just sleep for a few minutes here and there. They sleep all the time. While I am propping my eyelids open, they are passed out in the nursery with me, as if to taunt me. Often in the baby’s crib or bouncer.

Heffalump, photo by me

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