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Weekly Wishlist–High Tea

Although my husband was born and raised in Kenya, his mother is British and it is her culture that he most inherited, particularly a penchant for tea. I never used to have more than an occasional cup of herbal tea on a cold winter afternoon. Since hooking up with Hassan, however, I find myself drinking at two to three cups of black tea a day. My wedding vows included a promise to make him tea whenever he was ill. When neither of us are ill we split the tea making duties. And of course, nothing makes tea better than some handmade goodness to go along with it.

 I pity the fool who doesn’t want this teapot:

Mr. Tea Pot by LennyMud

And of course to remind us of why we drink tea, we could use these delightful tea bowls:

Keep Calm and Drink Tea by Holly Slay

And of course, we need something to drink. My husband prefers the simplicity of tea, Earl Grey (hot), but for myself I like the spice of a good Chai.

Loose Leaf Rooibus Chai Tea from TheRobinsNest

One thought on “Weekly Wishlist–High Tea

  1. This is wonderful. I like tea very much also. I am a perfumer, and tea smells wonderful. I am opening a “parfumerie” and tea salon in May, located in Lakes Region of NH. Thanks for a bit of delight today. Best wishes for your creative life.

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