Millinery Marvels–KittyKanzashi

Since I’ve been incorporating origami in my millinery designs, it seems only natural that I would eventually be drawn to tsunami kanzashi: the Japanese art of creating flowers from folded fabric. I have begun to make my own tsunami kanzashi hair pins, and I am pleased with the way they have come out. However, I cannot even begin to hold a candle to the intricate work of fellow milliner KittyKanzashi.

Kanzashi hair band by kittykanzahi

Each one of these flowers was painstakingly hand crafted, with every petal folded and sown individually. Kitty’s work is an impressive display of technical skill, but what I admire most about her work is the creativity of her designs. In the headband pictured above she has arranged the flowers in a “spiral galaxy pattern.” In addition to hair bands and combs, Kitty makes stunning kanzashi bridal headpieces, like this crown:

Imperial Hime Bridal Crown

Tzunami kanzashi are a traditional Japanese art form, and these folded flowers have been adorning meiko for centuries. Kitty’s work draws on that traditional aesthetic, but she takes it in her own, unique direction. Her creativity is expressed in this Stormy Sky Tsumani Kanazhi, which incorporates felted merino wool:

Stormy Sky Tsunami Kanzashi